My ART | Collector: Kate Harris

Collector: Kate Harris

Collector: Kate Harris

Why Collect?

I didn’t intend to be a collector of art it just happened. Fifteen years ago I wanted to purchase some art so I started asking advice from a curator friend. I met some lovely knowledgeable Art Gallery Dealers and became friends with them. They introduced me to artists who in time became friends and my world of art began. Art collecting has become a passion for me and has opened doors and enriched my life.

What was the first artwork that made an impact on you?

Julia Morison was recommended to me. I went to 64zero3 gallery in 2006 and was welcomed by Helen Calder who was joint owner with Julia Morison. Helen spent a lot of time with me carefully unwrapping works of Julia’s and explaining her practice. I loved one of her works from Gobsmack and Flabbergast series and bought it that afternoon. It is still one of my favourite artworks and the start of my collecting.

Why do you go to galleries?

I continue to enjoy going to galleries, dealers and studios. I regularly drop into my favourite places and have a chat with the gallerist about their latest show. I love following artists and seeing their progression. If there is an artist I know I will try and go to their opening to support them. For me, getting to know an artist adds more meaning to their work.

Tell us about a recent discovery?

I have a particular interest in emerging artists. Every year I got to the University of Canterbury open day for the Fine Art Students show. I have often bought work from students and have established some lovely relationships with them. Art collecting doesn’t need to be expensive and buying from emerging artists is a great way to start a collection. I feel strongly about supporting our artists. I want people to buy art so artists can earn enough money to keep making art.

I am very interested in Rupert Travis, a fourth-year art student at the University of Canterbury. He and two artist friends started “The Den” a fabulous artist run gallery in Christchurch.


October 2021

Image : Nancy Zhou