My ART | Artist: Reuben Paterson

Artist: Reuben Paterson

Artist: Reuben Paterson

Who is your ideal studio buddy?

Jetson is the best studio, and bubble buddy –  he’s 9 years old and we spend every day in the studio together.

What are you reading?

A book called Deep Sniff: History of Poppers and Queer Futures by Adam Zmith that has been the backbone of my research for a new project with WORLD that is coming up later this year. It is another invaluable queer history book that looks at the cultural value of poppers within our LGBTQI+ community.

What did you learn at art school?

I hadn’t felt such a fulfilled happiness until art school –the happiness that being able to ‘make’ every day, brings.

What does sculpture do?

In my work, glitter allows me to express qualities that may have never had the space or time to shine – and that exercise makes me appreciate the qualities that sparkle in all little things.

What’s are you working on/what’s next?

My solo exhibition, Amen Break, has just opened at Gow Langsford Gallery. We’ve produced a catalogue for the show which is available through the gallery and the gallery is also open for restricted private viewing under Level 3 restrictions only. Next week another solo exhibition, The Golden Bearing, opens at Christchurch Art Gallery on October 28. After that I’m sending work off to a group show at the new gallery space HOTA in Queensland for Summer.


Image: Reuben & Jetson, Chris Traill

October 2021