My ART | Artist: Joseph Nerney

Artist: Joseph Nerney

Artist: Joseph Nerney

What do you do?

I am a painter and a new father who tries to play as much as possible in both situations. I also work as a technician, so I feel really lucky spending so much time around art.

What could you imagine doing if you didn’t do what you do?

Voice-over work has always stood out to me as a strange and varied job, playing around with your voice and squeezing it into different characters or roles.

What are you listening to?

‘Some Nights I Dream of Doors’ by Obongjayer has been a recent stand-out for me and podcasts are a go-to. When I’m painting or reading I prefer things a little more ambient, Floating Points and Pharoah Sanders’ album is another beautiful stand-out.

An artist (living or dead) you’d like to meet?

There’s probably a lot and I’m sure some of them would fall into the category of never meet your heroes but I’m having a moment where Philip Guston is really in my head, I picked up a book of his writings and interviews recently. I love the way he handles colour and surface and feel like his transition in styles would make him a really interesting person to talk to.

What does painting do?

I like what Elizabeth Murray said about painting being about taking paint, which is a fluid material that’s somewhat out of control and somehow trying to harness it, to get it do what you want and being okay with what it is doing. Painting has so much to offer, every time I feel like I have some understanding or become comfortable with it, it has the space to shift and grow. For me, painting is a space to set up simple questions, processes or approaches and get results which somehow are surprising and complex.