My ART | Artist: Ava Seymour

Artist: Ava Seymour

Artist: Ava Seymour

What do you do?

I am an artist, primarily I do this for myself, I don’t recall making a decision to be an artist, I didn’t pursue art through the usual channels it just happened. The most satisfactory outcomes are achieved when I don’t try too hard, recently I have been making two and three dimensional works out of old books.

What could you imagine doing if you weren’t an artist?

Maybe an extension on my part time job in social services, I could apply myself to a range of things in this field.

What images are pinned to the wall of your studio?

My studio is my home, its open plan with a high stud but not so big, keeping the environment free of visual clutter is important which means no arresting art works, they’re are all pretty subdued. Currently hundreds of images of cats are keeping me company in the studio.

What was the first artwork that made an impact on you?

What really matters to me is the present and how to move forward. I saw some works by Henrik Olesen in 2017, these really made an impression on me.

If you could add any work of art to your collection, what would it be?

Thinking practically this would be modest in scale and preferably white, a Fernanda Gomes or a Robert Ryman would fit perfectly well at home. We could accommodate a Cady Noland sculpture however, no problem.

Something in your collection that you return to time and again?

A very small handprinted photograph of an empty chair by Jessie Howell, also two small clusters of anodized aluminium sculptures, these are new contributiuons from Peter (Robinson).

Tell us about the one that got away?

Too difficult, I’m happy with what I’ve got.

Tell us about a recent discovery?

Recently I discovered the joy of planting trees, two Titoki’s now happily reside on the berm outside our place, notably rewarding.

Why collect?

It’s definitely one of the healthier addictions, art doesn’t require much maintenance, it nurtures culture and nourishes the soul. And if you choose well, it looks good too.

Something you wish you knew?

I wish I was multilingual, fluent in te reo Māori, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian – to name a few.

What should change?

Governments that refuse to acknowledge the climate crisis.

What should remain the same?

The clean air that the world is experiencing since the lockdowns.

Recommend something to listen to?

Because I’ve been making a lot of art: Chopin, The Fall, or Joy Division’s Isolation (1980).


April 2020